Leapfrog Human Resource Management can build your HR desk from scratch, or review and maintain what you already have in place

Services We Offer

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HR Administration

Offer Letters

Contracts of Employment

Leave Forms

UIF Submissions

Exit Interviews

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Performance Management

Job Descriptions

Probation Documentation

Appraisal Forms

Performance Reviews

Performance Improvement Plans

Discipline Management

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Salary Benchmarking

Job Grading

Outsourced Payroll

Benefits Review & Implementation

Employee Wellness

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Learning & Development

Employment Equity

Skills Development

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Policies & Procedures

Various policies

Disciplinary Procedure

Company Handbook

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Recruitment Assistance



Reference Checks

Formalised Onboarding



Choose between a set or customised plan to find one that suits your business needs and budget

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17 Hours a Month

Your business already has all the necessary documentation and procedures in place, but you may need someone to review, maintain, and assist you where required

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35-70 Hours a Month

HR duties have been a thorn in your side lately - it's something that needs to be done but has taken a backseat while you were focussing on scaling your business. Let me create your HR desk from scratch so you have one less thing to worry about

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Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

Every business is unique and so are your business needs. Reach out to see how I can assist