• Luanne Musfeld

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Job Descriptions

Job descriptions form the foundation of many People Operations tasks. They are important tools for management, employees and job candidates. Here are the top reasons to have your staff’s JD’s in place:

1) Recruitment

The information compiled for the job description is used when advertising a vacancy. It helps candidates determine whether they are qualified for the role. The information contained in the job description also assists the interview panel in drafting the interview questions. It is useful to have more than one interviewer (particularly someone familiar with recruitment processes) present in order to gauge both verbal and non-verbal responses.

2) Selection

Job descriptions help you identify the best candidate for the role. It also serves as proof that a fair process was followed when choosing between candidates to fill a vacancy.

3) Setting Expectations

Job descriptions offer clarity on the Employer’s expectations of the Employee with regard to duties and responsibilities. Thereby reducing staff turnover as employees know where they fit into the organization and they can see how their role aligns with company vision. It is also a way of implementing company values throughout the organization. An important function of job descriptions is its role in disciplinary action. Without a job description, how can you reprimand an employee for not fulfilling his/her duties?

4) Compensation

Differences between job descriptions also justify a difference in wages. When reviewing salaries, it is a great way to ensure that equal work receives equal pay between different employees. Salary benchmarking and employment equity responsibilities can be complicated so it’s a good idea to consult with a professional.

5) Performance Management

Job descriptions are used in the drafting of appraisals, performance improvement plans, as well as in professional development plans when looking at opportunities for growth and promotion. Job descriptions also become helpful when doing succession planning for your organization.

A detailed job description is an essential part of numerous HR duties. Don’t wait any longer, get yours done now. Leapfrog HR can assist your company with drawing up job descriptions, conducting interviews, Employment Equity responsibilities, disciplinary procedures and performance management - get in touch today!

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